Understanding Through Sport


Understanding through Sport is a European youth initiative aiming to address the challenges of social exclusion and marginalization of young people while raising awareness on the importance of intercultural dialogue, mutual understanding, solidarity and inclusion. Sport as a worldwide known tool for tackling inequalities and social exclusion gives the base of our initiative designed by young people for young people. Sport and physical activities have the power to promote European values and to develop the situation of young people from disadvantaged backgrounds. The objective of Understanding through Sport project is to foster these European values, such as respect, tolerance, solidarity and to improve young participants’ soft skills through the methodology of Education through sport. 

The main objectives of the project are: 

  • Raise awareness on the importance of intercultural dialogue, mutual understanding and tolerance among young Europeans of different origins;
  • Draw attention to the importance of social inclusion especially concerning young people from disadvantaged cultural and ethnic minority groups;
  • Develop young people’s skills and competences to become more active, sporty and health conscious European citizens;
  • Make young people advocates of inclusion, tolerance, dialogue and active, healthy living in their local communities;
  • Provide opportunities for young people with fewer opportunities through sport-based non-formal education.

The main activity of the project is a youth exchange that will take place in Pilismarót, Hungary between 8-14 April 2019. A total of 36 participants, aged between 17 and 26, will participate in the mobility that will give them the opportunity to understand how challenges, such as social exclusion and intolerance can be tackled by sport and physical activities. Understanding through Sport strives to involve young participants from European countries with fewer opportunities stemming from their cultural, economic background and educational obstacles. In addition, the project is aiming to ensure sport activities that are able to boost soft skills, such as respect, tolerance, cultural awareness, cooperation, sense of initiative and team work that can be an asset in both their professional and personal future. Furthermore, the youth exchange seeks to encourage participants to be engaged in the activities of their local communities thus promoting active citizenship beyond the project period.


Results for this project are not yet available. They might become available after the project’s end date.