About us

Budapest Association for International Sports (BAIS) is a volunteer based, youth-led non-profit organization. Our mission is to promote physical activity, active lifestyle, intercultural understanding, tolerance and participation through non-formal education. Between 2015 and 2017 we developed our activities as an informal group of young people under the name of International Sport Association of Budapest (ISAB). On 18 December 2017 we were registered as a non-for-profit association by the court of Budapest.

The primary goal of our organization is to promote physical acitvity, healthy lifestyle and participation in grassroots sport activities among young people regardless of their origin and social status. Our target group includes international and Hungarian students, young professionals and young people in general. Through the organization of recreational activities, youth exchanges and training courses we aim to create sport-based educational opportunities for young people and to strenghten mutual understanding and friendship among them. The secondary goal of the organization is to connect local sport clubs and grassroots initiatives with internationals living in Budapest and to provide them information about sport related events taking place in the city.

BAIS is based on young volunteers. Our volunteers are united in being active, sporty and open-minded personalities. We strongly believe that active young people can bring social change through the power of sport. We also consider sport as great a tool to promote active citizenship, mutual understanding, tolerance and democracy.

Our founding members

Viktor Berezvai, Dominika Bíró, Martin Csereklye, Tamás Csomor, Dóra Faragó, Anett Fodor, Bence Garamvölgyi, Ádám Jeszenka, Márk Németh, Barnabas Vagany, Boglárka Varga and Boglárka Varga


Bence Garamvölgyi


Anett Fodor


Barnabas Vagany

Member of Presidency

Ádám Jeszenka

Legal and financial coordinator

Erika Juhász

Project manager and social media coordinator

Dezső Fülep

Project manager

For me the European projects of BAIS represent quality and guarantee good implementation. The trainers are very qualified and every day is interesting!

Alessio Campese